Christie Replies to Rubio: ‘I Never Donated to Planned Parenthood, That’s Wrong’

‘I’m not going to spend my time talking about Marco Rubio’



DICKERSON: “The competition has gotten tougher between you and some of your rivals. You said Marco Rubio trying to slime his way to the white House. When super PAC running ad said, that you supported common core you once supported assault weapons ban that you donated to Planned Parenthood. Which one of those is wrong?”

CHRISTIE: “I never donated to Planned Parenthood that's wrong. Secondly, for him to be trying to characterize my conservative record in that way is contrary to what Marco said. Marco himself has said that I was conservative reformer in New Jersey. Here is the thing, I'm not going to spend my time talking about Marco Rubio. If Marco wants to think that this is guy who stood up, on debate, someone told you that by criticizing me it helps you. That same someone now talking to Marco. I'm not going to fall for. That you saw my response to Marco. I talked about him, fact is focus on defeating Hillary Clinton. I'm happy to stand by my record of having made decisions."

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