Fox News: Hillary Instructed Top Aid to Send Class Material to Her Personal Email

Rosen: ‘The Clinton campaign did not respond to our requests for comment’


BAIER: "But first, a major development in the Hillary Clinton email scandal that could have serious repercussions for her campaign. And the ongoing FBI investigation into the email matter. Chief Washington correspondent James Rosen reports from the State Department on a potential blockbuster email released last night."
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ROSEN: " In 3,007 pages released by Hillary Clinton’s office to the State Department at 7:00 A.M. They say they’ve had issues sending secure fax. They’re working on it. Policy planning director Jake Sullivan said in an email to Clinton’s private account in June 2011. Referring to a set of talking points, apparently prepared by a senior nsc official. If they can’t, Clinton rye replied four minutes later, turn into nonpaper with no identifying heading and send nonsecure. A nonpaper is sim play discussion document to be held separate from formal business."
COFFIN: " If she was knowingly circumventing classification rules by telling her underlings to convert a document from a classified format to an unclassified format and send it over an unclassified email, then she has a real problem under federal laws, it’s criminal conduct."
KIRBY: "There’s no evidence that the document was, was sent to former secretary Clinton over email."
ROSEN: "Clinton has maintained she never sent or received classified information on her private server."
CLINTON: " I saw it as a matter of convenience."
ROSEN: " But more than 1300 of her emails have now been deemed to have contained such data and an intelligence community review has found at least two were top secret when they arrived at Clinton’s inbox. Another email released saw Sullivan recommending Clinton read an analysis on Libya by the State Department’s John Godfrey and Clinton asked where he work and when she learned the answer she wrote from her private email account, I was surprised if he used personal email account if he’s at state."
KIRBY: " I’m not going to talk about former secretary Clinton’s email practices, they’re under review and investigation, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to talk about that. 
ROSEN: " Separately the CEO of a leading cybersecurity firm, a top defense contractor told house lawmakers his firm would never have set up a private server for a senior official like Clinton." 
WOOD: "You’re exposed classified data in the open. At the end of the day that’s, that would not be prudent and would also be illegal."
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ROSEN: "The Clinton campaign did not respond to our requests for comment. House Benghazi committee chairman trey Gowdy declined to comment. Congressional investigators told Fox News the latest emails should prevent unimpeachable evidence of Clinton’s state of mind about her own email practices to the FBI. Brett?"
BAIER: "James Rosen, live at the State Department, thank you."

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