Jeb on Trump: ‘Remarkable No Other Candidate Is Taking Him on; He’s a Bully’

‘He’s the only person on the stage that’s given money to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s campaign’


BRZEZINSKI: “So, I’m wondering, though, about being able to beat Hillary Clinton. You say that trump would get crushed by Hillary Clinton. Why do you say that? So far he’s crushed everybody.”

BUSH: “Well that’s different. He’s captured people’s angst and anger for sure. He’s a great politician in that regard. But look he’s a buddy of the Clintons. He’s the only person on the stage that’s given money to bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, yeah and their foundation. I think he’s probably the only guy that invited Hillary Clinton to one of his weddings. His views are closer aligned to Hillary Clinton’s than that of a conservative. How can he beat Hillary Clinton when we get into the general election he’ll get crushed. You can’t insult your way to the presidency. I find it remarkable no other candidate is taking him on. He’s a bully. And his views, while it’s very fun to talk about all the great theatrics his views are not the vufs conservative and the conservative will win the conservative nomination for the conservative party.”

BRZEZINSKI: “So the only problem with that is the numbers are showing that it is working and whatever — however you describe the strategy, bullying, insulting —“

SCARBOROUGH: “I guess the question is what’s working right now for him at this point in time and as we’ve said this could change dramatically.”

BRZEZINSKI: “How does it get countered by Hillary Clinton.”

SCARBOROUGH: “What’s working?”

BUSH: “He’s not going to win Iowa and if he done win Iowa then he’ll have a hard time here and if he done win here then the whole thing collapses. Where does he stand on national security? What does he think about the nuclear triad. How will he keep us safe? How will he create an environment where people’s income rise again. There’s no specifics there. There’s no there there. Once the bubble is burst then I think you’ll see dramatic changes. That’s my view. That’s why I work each day really hard to make sure people know that I have the detailed plans to fix these big complex things and I have the proven leadership skills to do it.”

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