Starnes: ‘Lock and Load America’; Obama ‘Wants to Disarm the Nation’

Instead of declaring war on law-abiding gun owners, maybe Pres. Obama ought to declare war on the true treat facing our nation — radical Islam

"Hello, everybody. I am Todd Starnes. President Obama is plotting with his attorney general to get our guns. The president plans to bypass Congress and crack down on small, skilled gun owners. If the White House really wants to crack down on gun violence maybe they should enforce the laws that are already on the books. But that's not the point. This president wants to disarm the nation. And the primary reason our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment was to protect all the other amendments. Look, just after the Muslim terrorist attack in San Bernardino, the Washington Post announced 53 percent of the voters oppose a ban on assault weapons. It's a record high. The American people seem to understand what the president is not. Guns keep our families safe. So instead of declaring a war on law abiding gun owners maybe the president ought to declare the war on the true threat facing the nation: radical Islam. Texas Governor Greg Abbott summed it up best in a tweet: 'Obama wants to impose more gun control. My response? Come and take it.' Lock and load, America. I am Todd Starnes."

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