Kinzinger on Trump: ‘Words Have Real Impact’

‘Words have an issue ... words have real impact’

SCARBOROUGH: “Did you endorsed anybody yet?”
KINZINGER: “I am, I’m with Jeb.”
SCARBOROUGH: “You’re with Jeb.”
KINZINGER: “I am, yeah. And look, when it comes to — you guys had a good discussion on Trump — look, words have an issue, words have real impact. And when somebody like Donald Trump says, ‘we want to ban all Muslims,’ that’s not just for domestic politics. You know, I’m a veteran of Iraq, and frankly I think that U.S. marines and army folks and air force are going to have to meet ISIS on the battleground at some point in the future. I want much less members, many less members of ISIS for our marines to meet on the battlefield than what — than potentially in the future. So, the words have impacts.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Congressman Adam Kinzinger, thank you very much.”

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