Kasich: ‘I Believe I’ll Win the Nomination if I Come out in N.H. in a Strong Position’

‘I want to be a story and if I’m a story I believe I’ll win the nomination’

TODD: "New Hampshire is do or die for two candidates hoping to emerge as alternative, governor John Kasich of Ohio and senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and both are joining me this morning. Let me start in Ohio with governor kasich. Governor, good morning to you, welcome back to Meet the press."
KASICH: "Thank you."
TODD: "New Hampshire, do or die? Is R we saying this correctly? And what does do or die mean? Win? Or just be the first guy after trump and Cruz?"
KASICH: "Well, we want to be the story, chuck, and we’re on the ballot now in over 30 states. We also have husbanded our resources well enough where we’re going to be placing a television ad up this week that shows that people just keep counting me out, they have all my career, we just keep plugging along so I want to be a story and if I’m a story I believe I’ll win the nomination if I come out in New Hampshire in a strong position."

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