Carson: I Will Send Troops Against ISIS if We Need Boots on the Ground

‘The job of the commander-in-chief and his people are to define the mission’

HEGSETH: “Absolutely. Well, Dr. Carson you mention seven steps for a safer America. It could be 700 at this point with the threats we’re facing in this world. The American people don’t probably want to look at seven. They’ll probably want to look at one or two points. And a lot of it’ll be does it require American boots on the ground. How much American involvement does it require? Would a president doctor — would President Carson send troops to the ground in Iraq and Syria, specifically Syria?”
CARSON: “If we needed boots on the ground. Again, it really depends on our military experts.”
KILMEADE: “Right.”
CARSON: “I think the job of the commander-in-chief and his people are to define the mission. And then we have to ask the military experts, what do you need in order to accomplish this mission? And whatever that is, that’s what we should give them.”

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