Rapper Jeezy on 2016: ‘Hillary Clinton and Barry Sanders’ Are ‘Class Acts in My Book’

‘Hillary Clinton and Barry Sanders right now to me they’re class acts in my book’

There's a standard. 
>> Correct. 
>> I want to move on. Can we talk politic sns. 
>> Sure. 
>> You have about a million Twitter followers and you have an influence, here's a recrept tweet, Hillary Clinton is running for president, she is a G. Def voting for her. Bill is a real one. Why do you support Clinton for president and not say someone like Ben Carson who's an African-American? 
>> Well, first of all, I wouldn't support anyone just based on their race. I will support someone based on what I know about him or the things I saw them do. Hillary Clinton and Barry Sanders right now to me they're class acts in my book. You got somebody like Donald Trump that's clearly, you know, whether he wins or loses, Donald Trump, you know, he's doing this for business. He's doing this for his brand. And we all know that. You're sitting back watching somebody that should have been put out of the race a long time ago by all his actions. And everything he does only puts him up in the race because people love it as America. They love entertainment. This is no different from his reality show. You know, to him it's all fun, he got his own money, his own everything. When I look at Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, I see people that, you know, naturally care about the people is what I see. And that's only my opinion. You know, I can only speak for

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