Jake Tapper on Clinton’s Poll Numbers: ‘This Is a Vulnerable Democrat’

‘Hillary Clinton is imminently beatable if you look at new Quinnipiac poll out today’

TAPPER: "What's interesting about this, Ben, Hillary Clinton is imminently beatable if you look at new Quinnipiac poll out today. It shows voters say Clinton is not honest, not trustworthy, they say Clinton does not care about their needs and problem, I'm talking about the majority of those polled. They had -- Clinton does not share their values.This is a vulnerable Democrat."
LABOLT: "But she's not running against the almighty. She's running against the alternative. But if you look at the head to head numbers on that Quinnipiac poll, she's doing a lot better.And, look, what voters are seeing when they tune into this race today are those comments from Donald Trump. Republican primary voters don't reflect the broader general electorate. And I think when we get to that general election, you're going to see more discussion on the issues and Hillary Clinton's going to win that discussion. "
TAPPER: "All right. Ben LaBolt, S.E. Cupp, thank you. Merry Christmas to both of you. Happy New Year."

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