Obama: ‘I’m Confident that a Democrat Will Win the White House’

‘Second of all, I think we’ve got a good chance of winning back the Senate’

INSKEEP: "Whoever takes over this office after you might be a Democrat, might be a Republican, there may be a Republican Congress again. There likely will be a majority of Republican governors across the country, Republican state legislatures because Democrats have lost so very many elections in the last several years. How much risk is there that they will undo large parts of your legacy, as many Republicans actually have promised to do?"
OBAMA: "Well, first of all I’m confident that a Democrat will win the White House, and I think when you look at the quality of our Democratic candidates and what the Republican Party seems to be offering up, I think we will do well. Second of all, I think we’ve got a good chance of winning back the Senate, and the truth of the matter is is that where Democrats have had problems is we had the misfortune of doing poorly in 2010 when there was redistricting, and in many of the successive elections Democrats have actually voted at higher rates. This was true in 2012, for example. There were more Democratic ballots cast for Democratic candidates than there were Republicans, but because of where Democrats live and where Republicans live, and because of the nature of the Senate, we ended up having problems. So one of the things that I will be arguing over the course of the next year is to make sure that Democrats run an issue-based campaign on the things that we believe in and care about, and I think we’ve got a great track record of real progress on a whole range of fronts. If we make those arguments clearly and forthrightly and aren’t defensive, then I’m actually confident we will do just fine."

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