MSNBC: Trump Continues to Lead in N.H. with Chris Christie Moving into Second

Brzezinski: ‘A brand new poling in New Hampshire primary shows Donald Trump with a huge lead and rising’

BRZEZINSKI: "A brand new pooling in New Hampshire primary shows Donald Trump with a huge lead and rising. But the biggest jump goes to Chris Christie. Trump is up four points, to 27 percent, with Governor Chris Christie back at 12 percent, rising six points since mid-November."

SCARBOROUGH: "You know what they call that, Mika, don't you?"

BRZEZINSKI: "What do they call that?"

SCARBOROUGH: "They call that 'Morning Joe' bomb."

BRZEZINSKI: "They do, because if you go to a cabin, [indecipherable] into the woods with Chris Christie and sit there for three hours, you will get a ratings jump."

SCARBOROUGH: "Six points rating jump!"


GEIST: "He got the endorsement from union leader. We saw it on the ground ourselves how well he does in those town halls. He's been planning on this for months, keep your head down, invest into the people, do all town halls you can do in New Hampshire, and it looks like it's starting to pay off."

BRZEZINSKI: "Yeah. I have been hearing a lot of about him in New Hampshire and then people temp it down. But you never know. And before a string of big endorsements, this is happening. The competition is close behind with Marco Rubio in third, at 11 percent, and Ted Cruz at 10 percent. Jeb Bush and John Kasich are at eight and seven points each, and Ben Carson drops seven points, to six percent."

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