Huckabee: ‘We’re Not at War with Islam’

‘We’re not at war with Presbyterians but if they start blowing up and killing people, we’re going to be against Presbyterians’



SCARBOROUGH: "Can you do me a favor right now. Because I'm a Republican, I like to win elections and you win elections by getting people to vote for your party. Can you do something right now and say something nice but Muslim Americans right now who are pursuing the American dreams who are law abiding and let them know that you want them in our Republican party of bit as much as you want southern Baptists from northwest Florida and --"

HUCKABEE: "Absolutely."

SCARBOROUGH: "Because I'm so worried. I hear some of these other Republican candidates saying things, acting as if Muslim Americans are others, are not one of us. They are our brothers and sisters, are they not?

HUCKABEE: "Absolutely. And we're not at war with Islam. I know the president says that but we are at war with the islamists who are wanting to kills. We're not at war with Presbyterians but if they start blowing up and killing people, we're going to be against Presbyterians."

SCARBOROUGH: "No, radical Presbyterians. You and I would be the first one to go to Presbyterian churches, hold their hands and say we are with you against the extreme elements of your church, right?

HUCKABEE: "I'm probably going to get in trouble with the Presbyterians, the chosen frozen will probably not vote for me."

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