Gingrich: Obama More Interested in Protecting Muslims’ Sensitivity than Protecting U.S.

‘They’re more worried about protecting Muslims and the sensitivity of Muslims than they are about protecting the lives of Americans’


HANNITY: “It really is stunning when we learned that we wouldn't bomb the oil fields where ISIS is getting its money because of environmental concerns, that's scary, but how can the president be so wrong so often? The JV team, that they are contain contained, they are not an existential threat to America, all comments by the president, all wrong.”
GINGRICH: “The president contemptuously talked about how republicans were afraid of orphans and widow widows because he apparently has no notion how often women have been very successful and effective terrorists. Now, we have a new example. Here’s a woman who pledges her loyalty to ISIS on her way to kill Americans. Maybe the president will face reality and understand the republicans worried about women terrorists are right. These are real people. These things actually happened, yet this president seems to live an fantasy world surrounded by the secret service. He is personally safe but the rest of America is not.”
HANNITY: “That raises the question of the president's in city is steps of 10,000 -- insist steps of 10,000 refugees. the national director of intelligence, James Clapper and Comey and strategies to take on ISIS have all said we cannot properly vet these people inflammatory as a matter of fact, Obama’s own department of homeland security vetted this woman and gave her a k1 visa and green card.
GINGRICH: “The Congress should put in the continuing resolution that's coming up a prohibition on any funding that goes to fund new refugees coming into this country from Syria, because the truth is we have no idea who these people are. I think the white house statements are just total falsehood falsehoods. Why they're saying them, I can't quite imagine. I think it fits their world view. They’re not in the business of Americans, they're in this business, as you saw from the attorney general's comments, they're more worried about protecting Muslims and the sensitivity of Muslims than they are about protecting the lives of Americans.”

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