Fox News: Senate Passes Bill to Dismantle ObamaCare

‘There is no doubt President Obama will veto it but it does provide blueprint for how Congress could potentially unravel ObamaCare if there is a Republican president in 2017’


LEE: "In the meantime, the Senate passing a bill to repeal key portions of Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood, the first time legislation aimed at dismantling the health care law could actually make it to his desk. Our chief congressional correspondent, Mike Emanuel, is reporting live from D.C. Mike?"
EMANUEL: "Well, Jenna, there's no doubt President Obama will veto it, but this does provide a blueprint for how Congress could potentially unravel ObamaCare if there's a Republican president in 2017. This legislation would repeal the medical device andCCadillac taxes, stop medicaid expansion and subsidies to buy insurance, scrap individual and employer mandate fines and defund Planned Parenthood for one year. The House has voted more than 50 times to repeal ObamaCare, but they've always been blocked in the Senate due to the 60-vote requirement. This time a procedure -- with a procedural called budget reconciliation, they needed just 51 votes. Republicans say passing the bill is keeping a campaign promise to their constituents."
MCCONNELL: "It will be a victory for the middle class families who have endured this law's pain far too long, on their medical choices, on the affordability of their care, on the availability of their doctors and hospitals, on the insurance they liked and wanted to keep."
EMANUEL: "Democrats hope to block it to keep it from getting to the president, and Republican moderates Mark Kirk of Illinois and Susan Collins of Maine were opposed because of the language defunding Planned Parenthood. a leading senate democrat tried to strip that out of the bill but was unsuccessful."
MURRAY: "Unfortunately, with this latest tired political effort to dismantle critical health care reform, my Republican colleagues are once again making clear they want to take our health care system back to the bad old days."
EMANUEL: "The measure had to be tweaked to fit the Senate's rules, so it must go back to the house for approval which won't be an issue before it's sent to the president probably right before Congress leaves for Christmas."

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