MSNBC’s Matthews: ‘How Many More People Are Going To Take the Bullet for Christie?’

Chris Matthews criticizes ‘bridge-gate’

Chris Matthews: 'How Many More People Are Going To Take the Bullet for Christie?' (RealClearPolitics)

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I just look at the string of firings that's already taken place, David Corn. And I look at it, you know, a guy loses the big $250,000 a year job you put him into, the other guy for $130,000 a year, another big civil job working at the bridge, and now he's pretty much targeted his deputy chief of staff, Bridget Kelly. How many more people are going to take the bullet for him before somebody says was the deal, this us what we were here for.

DAVID CORN: You're waiting for the John Dean of Trenton to show up. And that may come, it may not come.

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