Hugh Hewitt: GOP Don’t Trust the Fact Checkers Because They Let Clinton Slide

‘When Hillary Clinton says, ‘The reset button worked because Medvedev was in power,’ that’s just palpably false’

TODD: “The fact checkers are viewed as having an agenda. So, the more they say, "You're wrong," the more their supporters say, ‘They're right.’”

ROBINSON: “I know. And by the way, the fact checkers did fact check Hillary Clinton on her under-fire claims. You know, I mean, it's not as if they haven't done all this stuff.”

HEWITT: “Just intensity Eugene, just intensity of coverage.”

ROBINSON: “Well, but there's a Republican campaign going on now. So, who are you going to fact check if you're going to fact check the Republican candidates? But, you know, I think you are right that safety and strength are the theme for this phase of the campaign. I am not sure that one can say right now that they are indeed the main themes of the entire campaign.”

HEWITT: “When Hillary Clinton says, ‘The reset button worked because Medvedev was in power,’ that's just palpably false. Everyone knows Putin was running it. That doesn't get fact checked, every time she tries to explain it with a reset button. That's why Republicans don't trust fact checkers. Because they allow her to slide with something like the reset button. It worked.”


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