Starnes: Americans Agree with Trump: The Illegals Must Go

‘A Fox News poll shows 52 percent favor deporting the illegals back to their home countries’

“Hello. I am Todd Starnes. Most Americans agree with Donald Trump, the illegals have to go. A FOX News poll shows 52 percent favor deporting the illegals back to their home countries. Forty one percent say it’s a smart idea that should be seriously considered. But the numbers among Republicans are astronomical. 70 percent agree with Mr. Trump, a super majority. And yet, Republican establishment seems hell bent on pushing for amnesty. Jeb exclamation mark Bush accused Mr. Trump of praying on people’s deep seated fears. But the truth is, Jeb is at odd with the Republican voters. And so is Marco Rubio who may or may not favor amnesty depending on which day of the week it is. Look, Americans are frustrated. They see illegals taking away our jobs. They see our tax money funding social programs that [indecipherable] legal citizens don’t have access to. President Obama lived up to his promise to fundamentally change our nation. And now, we want a president who will change it back. I am Todd Starnes.” 

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