Carson on Foreign Policy Knowledge: ‘Everybody Is on a Learning Curve’

‘You know in medicine we have something called CME, continuing medical education’

STEPHANOPOULOS: “A lot of focus this week on your foreign policy views and your advisers. New York Times headline said you were struggling with foreign policy. And one of your close friends and business manager Armstrong Williams was actually quoted saying Dr. Carson is still on a learning curve. There is much for him to learn. You know, with national security and terrorism such a top concern now of voters, can you explain why they should choose a commander-in-chief who is still on a learning curve?”

CARSON: “Well, I hope everybody is on a learning curve. You know in medicine we have something called CME, continuing medical education. It recognizes the fact that things are always in the process of changing. And if you stay stagnant and you say, well, I’m up on it and now I’ll go relax, you’re not going to be very competent. And the same thing applies with being commander-in-chief. The world is a rapidly changing place. All kinds of dynamics going on. Yes, we should have in place protocols to deal with that 2:00 a.m. call in the morning, but we also need to have the ability to think quickly and to be flexible. You know, I would be willing to say that I probably have more 2:00 a.m. in the morning experience than everybody else running combined, making life and death decisions. You have to be able to do that. And you know, so who has got the most experience? I don’t know that it necessarily comes down to politics, it comes down to practical experience solving difficult problems doing things quickly and efficiently and using the resources available to you to get that done.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Finally, Dr. Carson, new CBS poll out this morning shows Ted Cruz pulling ahead of you in Iowa for the first time since May. Are you worried about the fact that you may be losing steam there?”

CARSON: “Well, you know, it’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint. So, there’s going to be ups and downs as we go along the way. That’s why we have an elongated process rather than just a week or two.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Don’t seem too concerned. Dr. Carson, thanks for joining us this morning."

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