Ignatius: Europe Has Been ‘Low on the Learning Curve’ for Fighting Terrorism

‘Europe is low on the learning curve that we have been ascending’

SCARBOROUGH: "-- don't have the manpower to do it. But David Ignatius, no doubt, if the French have allowed this master mind to slip out of their hands one more time, there's obviously going to be a lot of conservation in Paris."

IGNATIUS: "I think the French will be deeply concerned. They need to investigate and look at why they've been caught [indecipherable] flat footed with the people known to them committing these terrible attacks first in January and now here."

SCARBOROUGH: "And it was a nation on alert. This isn't something that catch them by surprise. [crosstalk] It's Charlie Hebdo, they have been on alert, 10,000 troops scattered across Paris."

IGNATIUS: "Watching Europe react to all these terrible rumors from France to Belgium to Italy you realize that Europe is low on the learning curve that we have been ascending --"


IGNATIUS: "-- ever since 9/11. We have learned a lot. You think of how different security is in the U.S., the way in which the TSA became professional, may make mistakes but, we all know our air force that they're pretty serious. We know that our local police has learned to use intelligence --"


IGNATIUS: "-- to track people. Many, many things that U.S. law enforcement and intelligence [indecipherable] have learned to do, that the Europeans, I think, are just really getting [indecipherable]"

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