Jeb: Paris ‘a Warning to Our Country,’ ISIS ‘a Threat Against Western Civilization’

‘This is a warning for our country that this threat is not going to go away’

BUSH: “This is a - this is a warning for our country that this threat is not going to go away. This is a threat against Western civilization. And we need to lead. The United States has pulled back. And when we pull back, voids are filled. And they're filled now by Islamic terrorism that threatens our country.”
TAPPER: “What would you be doing differently that President Obama is not? There are currently special operation forces in Syria. There are obviously bombing campaigns going on in Syria. They killed Jihadi Johnny - Jihadi John just a few days ago. What - what would President Bush be doing?”
BUSH: “I would first have a strategy. The president has admitted he does not have a strategy as it relates to ISIS. Hillary Clinton last night said that it's not - it's not our fight. It is our fight. And without our leadership in building a coalition to destroy ISIS, it won't happen. Creating a strategy means that we - we create a no-fly zone, create safe havens for the remnants of the Syrian Free Army to - to be built up. We lead by getting our Arab allies and friends to be able to support one fighting force. This is made more complicated by the Iranian deal and Iran's and Russia's support of the brutal Assad regime. Both of those - both ISIS and Assad need to be taken out, which means that we need to have a concerted effort by Europe, the United States, with our leadership, and the Arab world to create an alternative to the brutality that exists, so that there could be stability.”


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