Costello on ‘Chiraq’: ‘Many White People Will Not Get This’

‘Will it really make a difference?’



DAVIS: "I think it's very provocative. And this is --"

COSTELLO: "Like, I understand where you're coming from. I do. When I thought twice about the movie, I'm intrigued now and I want to see it. But I've got to tell you, many white people will not get this. Who is spike Lee talking to?"

DAVIS: "Spike Lee is talking to the culture. It's time for white people to get it, right? I feel like there's this idea that only black people and people of color have race. White people get to be human. And not choose. They don't see race as their thing. So, perhaps when you present it like art, when you present it like a Greek tragedy, when you present it in the dignity of theater that more people will come, right, that need to understand versus those people fighting for their lives on the streets in Chicago, they might not see it. But for, you know, scholars, they know what Alyssa Strada is. So perhaps it will get to the people that -- that's the beauty of art. That's the beauty of cinema that's supposed to draw in people."

COSTELLO: "Will it really make a difference?"

DAVIS: "Art does at its best, right? So, I think we all need to go see it, right? Get uncomfortable. Go see it. And then let's talk about it. But look at all the stars. You've got Sam Jackson is back in there --"

COSTELLO: "The most interesting is Jennifer Hudson. She suffered tragedy in her own family in Chicago."

DAVIS: "In the same city. That's part of it. Don't you want to see -- there are all these elements of why you should go see it, but also it will provoke these conversations. You know, the idea that you won't come and do service because you're afraid you might get shot? We are -- the intersectionality of what's happening in Chicago and other parts of the world, whether it's ISIS, whether it's Nigeria, this is happening right in our hometown. We need to -- you know, we need to deal with the structural problems that cause that kind of condition, right?"

COSTELLO: "Yeah. Because it's easy to say, criminals, throw them in jail. That's the easy way but it doesn't solve the underlying --"

DAVIS: "But it's Spike Lee. We have to go see it."

COSTELLO: "Want to see it with you. That would be fun."

DAVIS: "Great, let's go."

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