Mika Blasts Ben Carson: He Is ‘Slippery … Doesn’t Tell Truth’ or Make Sense

‘It’s not about voting, it’s about telling the truth’

SCARBOROUGH: “How frustrated are they [the Trump campaign] with Ben Carson right now?”

TUR: “They’re very frustrated. And they don’t know quite how to handle it. So when you see him at his rallies he’ll, he can be very much on the attack mode when it comes to Carson and when it comes to Rubio, really hitting them both hard as well as Jeb. And the applause lines on the trail aren’t quite as loud when he attacks Carson for stabbing—allegedly stabbing someone in the belt buckle —“

BRZEZINSKI: “Well, stabbing, it’s the hitting on the hammer: there are all those stories. And it’s also like this, this weird medicine that he was pushing and did speeches for a accompany and helped marketing and was on their website but claimed not to be but says out loud this medicine makes me healthier but I’m not pushing it. There’s this slipperiness to him that nobody will just say. He’s slippery, he doesn’t tell the truth and he doesn’t make sense. That’s the bottom line with Ben Carson, and yet he’s huge in the polls.”

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