Clinton Will Oppose TPP But Not Encourage Congressional Opposition

‘If they want to know what I think, I am more than happy to tell them’

UNKNOWN REPORTER: "As a leader in the Democratic Party, will you use some of your leverage to convince some of the Democrats not to vote for the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement?"
CLINTON: "No, I'm going to state my position, which I have."
UNKNOWN REPORTER: "Are you going to lobby one way or the other?"
CLINTON: "No. And I think it's appropriate for the congressional leadership, members of Congress, the administration, to battle that out. If they want to know what I think, I am more than happy to tell them. I have come out against it because I don't think it will meet the test that I have set, which is, to create more paying jobs, and raise incomes for Americans. And further on national security, and it's particularly challenging when you have lost jobs as I believe we have to currency manipulation, and that is not embedded into agreement. It's in the side agreement that us not enforceable. And of course when the Republicans stand in the way of helping our people to be as competitive as possible in the global economy. So I am pretty clearly on the record and if they are interested in talking to me, I obviously would do that."
UNKNOWN REPORTER: "But as the next president of the United States, wouldn't you want to try to influence some votes in the Senate so that you would have the plate set for yourself?"
CLINTON: "We have one president at the time, the president that I support very strongly."

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