Christie: ‘We Need To Focus on Hillary Clinton,’ Not on Each Other

‘We need to focus on Hillary Clinton and bringing the case against her, not worrying about the other folk on stage’

MACCALLUM: “The debates have gotten a lot of focus because they seem to be moving the numbers here. How much does that matter to you what ends up happening. We don’t — we won’t know until tonight at 7 o’clock.” 

CHRISTIE: “Yeah, we won’t know until tonight. But listen, the bottom line is that you need to be on a stage and debating. And so, I will be on a stage debating, one way or the other, wherever they put me. If you want to put me  in the middle of the square in Manchester, I’ll do it there. People need to hear our voice and our ideas. I’m looking forward to being in a debate in Milwaukee on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to being able to get into it again, on the issues that are really important. And to remind everybody, that our real adversary here, our real problem lives in Chappaqua, New York. It’s Hillary Clinton. Not the men and women on that stage, but Hillary Clinton and her vision for America, which, I think, is the wrong direction for our country. Who do you want on that stage next September prosecuting the case against her? I think, I’m the person best prepared and most tested to be there and I’m going to fight to get there.”

MACCALLUM: “We just watched Trump going after everybody. And we’re going to probably see some more of that on ‘Saturday Night Live’. How destructive do you think that is?”

CHRISTIE: “I think it’s a real problem, you know. And I think that’s why I haven’t engaged in it, Martha. I don’t think it’s the right thing to do. We — we have some differences between us, we can talk about those. But, we don’t need to make it personal. And we don’t need to make it the way it’s being done there. And I quite frankly think, we need to be focused on Hillary Clinton. If we don’t focus on Hillary Clinton we are going to win the battle and lose the war. I’ve no interest in winning the battle and losing the war. I want to be president of the United States. And we need to focus on Hillary Clinton and bringing the case against her, not worrying about the other folks on the stage.”

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