Dana Bash to Ryan: How Are You Going to Control ‘that So-Called Freedom Caucus’?

The Freedom Caucus’ frustration, he replied, ‘is a frustration that I share’

BASH: “How are you going to control the 40 or so members of that so- called Freedom Caucus in a way that John Boehner couldn't?” 
RYAN: “Well, I think members were frustrated that they did not really have the opportunity to express their own views in -- on the floor. I think the legislative process has been too tightly controlled and has to be reopened up. I want members of Congress representing their constituents having the ability and the process to actually advance ideas. So, I think that frustration is frustration that I shared actually as a House Republican before becoming speaker. And I think that's what our members want to see us do more of. And that's why I think I'm in this position.”

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