MSNBC Panel: Why Must Republicans Make Benghazi All About Hillary Clinton?

‘Are Republicans just not going to accept any conclusion that doesn’t essentially tar Hillary Clinton for 2016?’

WEIGEL: “When we talked about Benghazi as a scandal, capital B, #Benghazi, it means a lot of things. It means Hillary Clinton sounding to them too callous when she talked about it in front of the Senate panel. It means the al Qaeda connection. It means the things that -- I think were not talking much about the things that John McCain said on the Sunday shows after it. He said it was ridiculous the idea that there was any spontaneous element to this, that people would show up at a rally with bazookas. A lot of narratives have just been kind of drawn up to maybe hurt Democrats. And if, you know, six of them don't work, a couple of them will. So I think if they get a reset, Republicans probably should reset their narrative here, it should be a general critique of the Obama Administration weakness, hashtag maybe, in the Middle East and a critique of whether this Administration was too rosy and optimistic the way the Bush Administration was about how easy it could be to democratize the Middle East. Now that's like the Rand Paul critique, maybe they won't all go with that, but I think that's more fruitful, and if they want to use that, they've got a lot of things to attack Hillary with.”

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