Buchanan and Clift Agree, ObamaCare the Most Over-Reported Story of 2013

‘It’s dominating everything and I think it’s overdone’

Why Does Pat Buchanan Call Obamacare the Most Over-Reported Story of the Year? (RealClearPolitics)

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN, HOST: Okay, most over-reported story. Pat Buchanan.

PAT BUCHANAN: It's necessary, but it's Obamacare. It's day and night, day and night on the cable channels and it is blocking out, John, stories about what is going on in Asia, what is going on in the Middle East, what is going on in the Ukraine. It's dominating everything and I think it's overdone.


ELEANOR CLIFT: That's what I have. Over-reported story: Obamacare website woes. It's just a website, folks. It's a law and the law is a good and workable law that every president has tried to get through since Teddy Roosevelt. There are problems but it is here to stay.

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