Michael Eric Dyson: GOP Opposition to Jobless Benefits Has a Racist Element to it

‘This is welfare queen-lite. You don’t even have to say it; all you have to say is ‘urban’’

Michael Eric Dyson Ignites Fits of Laughter on MSNBC with Rundown of GOP’s Racist Code (Mediaite)

During a discussion on MSNBC about the failure of the Congress to extend long-term unemployment benefits through the end of the year, and progressive groups campaign to use the issue against Republicans ahead of the 2014 midterms, MSNBC contributor and Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson linked the issue to race and ignited a fit of laughter among his fellow guests on the set of Now.

Dyson noted that Republican opposition to extending jobless benefits carries a racial quality since it primarily aids minorities. He ran sparked a laughing fit when he ran down a list of code words used by conservatives to avoid making outright appeals to white racial solidarity.

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