AP’s Lisa Lerer: Afghanistan Is ‘Not a Great Issue’ for Hillary Clinton

‘It’s a difficult situation for Hillary Clinton’

WALLACE: “Lisa, obviously, this is going to play out in the 2016 race.  And I wonder, for Hillary Clinton, who’s going to be tied to Obama’s foreign policy, even if she left in 2013, is it good or bad to keep those 9,800 troops?  What’s the feeling among Democrats about our continuing commitment in Afghanistan?  And I guess you have to also say, as compared to the possibility that it all goes to hell?” 
LERER: “It’s a difficult situation for Hillary Clinton.  She’s running in a primary with an electorate that wants out of these wars, but at the same time, she’s trying to cloak herself in the legacy of a president who remains popular with Democrats.  That’s why she was not itching to talk about this.  She talked about it in an interview when she was specifically asked.  It wasn’t something she was out there advertising her views on.  And when she did make her comments, she reserved the right to reassess in January 2017 should she win the White House.  It’s not a great issue for her.  I don’t expect to hear a lot about it.”
WALLACE: “On the other hand, she did say and did differ from the president in saying that she would impose a no-fly zone in Syria. So there is always that kind of uncertain question.  Is she to the left, because her natural instincts going into Iraq, Libya, seem to be for intervention.”
LERER: “I think that’s right.  You remember 2008, she’s naturally more hawkish than him.  We’ll see some of that come out for sure in this race.”
WALLACE: “All right.  Thank you, panel.  See you next Sunday.  Up next, our power player of the week, the barefoot contessa makes cooking fun and easy.”

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