Halperin: Hillary Clinton ‘Basically Running Against Herself’

‘Yes, Sanders is a treat, Biden is a potential treat but she’s really running against herself’

MITCHELL: "When she arrived [indecipherable] right to the Trump hotel, join the culinary workers, trying to organize, to unionize, a -- non-union hotel. That's basically, gold in terms of the party base."
HALPERIN: "As Tad Devine would say 'that's wicked smart'. You know, union, anti-Trump, right across the street. Very smart. And you know, the symbolic politics, that Hillary Clinton has played of late, has been pretty smart. The problem is, the focus on e-mails. And -- and -- as she thinks now, she's basically running against herself. Yes, Sanders is a threat, Biden a potential threat, but she's really running against herself. That kind of aggressive, affirmative smart thing -- really, really good."

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