Clinton: ‘I Will Fight for Sensible Gun Safety Measures’

‘I will fight for sensible fun safety measures and to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, and seriously mentally ill, and others who should not have them’

“I will fight for sensible gun safety measures and to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, seriously mentally ill and others who should not have them, You know, this is an issue that – it raises up when we have another mass murder and then it recedes, But every single day in America between 88 and 92 people are killed by guns. And the very day that we had a mass killing at the Community College in Oregon, a five month old baby strapped into her car seat was shoot by a random bullet. We can’t let this go on when politicians say, ‘Well, stuff happens’, that’s a statement of resignation and fatalism that I just don’t accept. We are better than that. And the majority of Americans, and even the majority of gun owners believe we should have universal background checks; That we should close the gun show loophole; That we should close the big online loophole; that we should close what’s now being called the ‘Charleston loophole’ because the killer in Charleston should not have been permitted to buy the gun, but the loophole in the law is, if you can’t get the background check done in three days, the buyer can come back and get the gun.”


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