McCain: ‘Abdication of American Leadership’ Why Putin’s in Syria

‘This flood of refugees is a direct result of our failed policy’

TAPPER: "Hillary Clinton broke with President Obama this week. She called for a no-fly zone over Syria. President Obama was asked about that. And he said there's a difference between running for president and being president. 
Who do you side with this on this idea of a no-fly zone, Secretary Clinton or President Obama?" 

MCCAIN: "Well, obviously Secretary Clinton. But, more importantly, General David Petraeus testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee not too many days ago, where he really laid out a strategy of what we need to do, which many of us have been calling for, for a long time, stop the barrel bombing, establish a no-fly zone, arm the Kurds, get some forward air controllers at work there, build up the Free Syrian Army again. And it's not too late. We -- this flood of refugees is a direct result of our failed policy. It was a year ago the president said our goal was degrade and destroy ISIS. We have made no progress there, and, of course, we now see Vladimir Putin inserting himself into the Middle East in a way they have -- that Russia has not been since Anwar Sadat threw the Russians out in 1973. He's maintaining his base and he's now dictating the pace of events in Syria, which is, of course, an abdication of American leadership." 

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