Chaffetz: The Secret Service Has a ‘Serious Cultural Problem’

‘The Secret Service is demonstrating why we started to investigate them and their shenanigans’

WALLACE: "Finally, you're in an ugly situation. That's one way of putting it, with the Secret Service. As chairman of the House Oversight Committee, you held a hearing in March about the continued security lapses at the Secret Service. Here's a clip."

[clip starts]

MCCARTHY: "Don't let anybody get in that gate. And when they come to the gate and they've got a bomb and they say they have a bomb, believe 'em, take 'em down, take 'em down!"

[clip ends]

WALLACE: "Now, an inspector general's report has revealed that within days of that hearing, some 45 agency employees got ahold of your 2003 application to be a Secret Service agent and someone leaked the fact that your application had been rejected, and Director Joe Clancy is now revising his original account to the inspector general when he said back then that he didn't know people in the agency were looking at your file. Question -- what action should be taken at the Secret Service and should Director Clancy step down?"

CHAFFETZ: "Well, the Secret Service is demonstrating why we started to investigate them and their shenanigans. I think the question is really for the Department of Justice. You had 45 -- 45 -- Secret Service agents violate federal law according to the inspector general? What is the attorney general doing? Why isn't there a special prosecutor over there? It's kind of scary. I fear that these people -- if they do this to me, I'm sure it's probably not the first time. I'm a sitting member of Congress. Nobody should have that done. It's a violation of federal law."

WALLACE: "And do you still have confidence in Director Clancy?"

CHAFFETZ: "I lose it every day. Again, this is why almost two years ago we started investigating the Secret Service. They've had a series of mishaps and they're entrusted with guns near the president. This is -- and they're the most sensitive classified information. I -- they've got a serious cultural problem."

WALLACE: "Congressman Chaffetz, thank you. Thanks for coming in today."

CHAFFETZ: "Appreciate it."

WALLACE: "And we'll follow the battle for --"


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