Santelli: Obama Should Talk About Debt We’re Leaving Future Generations, Not Climate

‘Nobody really talks about the legacy we’re leaving with regard to debt on future generations’

Santelli: Obama Should Talk About The Debt We're Leaving For Future Generations, Not Global Warming (RealClearPolitics)

On CNBC Monday morning, Rick Santelli reacted to the part of President Obama's speech to the United Nations General Assembly where he addressed global warming. Santelli said the U.S. debt crisis, and the global debt crisis, is a tangible, concrete actuality, while the dynamics of global warming are still being debated.

"Today, the president at the U.N. -- we covered it here at CNBC -- is talking in large part about climate change and the legacy that those of the current planet are leaving to future generations," Santelli said. "Now, we can debate the human factor and how much actual accomplishments we're going to get and quantify it against the dollars being spent. We all agree to take care of the planet."

"What I don't understand is, with the tenuous issues of government overlooking things like natural gas with the energy grid talking about how a Tesla car is good when it's most likely fired up through these grids, but when you talk about debt, nobody really talks about the legacy we're leaving with regard to debt on future generations. Much more tangible. Much easier to quantify. Just look at the OMB or the Congressional Budget Office. Look at what they're telling us we're going to be facing. A mountain of debt starting around 2026. Moving to 2035, where the numbers and the demographics and entitlements get downright scary. Downright scary," Santelli said.









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