Perry: Outsiders Doing Well in Polls, a Sign of Voters ‘Really Being Upset’ with D.C.

‘The American people will start paying attention’

KILMEADE: “I want to bring you to something you're very familiar with, and that’s the polls on the GOP side. You know, the numbers are high, still for Donald Trump, he's almost in a flat-footed tie with Ben Carson, surging are Rubio and Fiorina. Bush’s on the negative side but he says he hasn't even started advertising yet and Kasich hanging in there at 6 percent. What is your take of these numbers?”

PERRY: “Well, it's a snapshot in time as we look back at '08 and '12, we saw individuals who were leading in the polls, who at the end of the day weren't there. So you know, they are polls. They’re what's happening right now. I think it is very interesting that you have individuals who have no experience in governing. I think that's reflective of people really being upset with Washington, D.C., and I totally get that. Lot of us governors have been pushing back on Washington for some time but the polls are what they are, they are going to move back and forth and you are going to see movement in those and the American people will start paying attention, they’ll start listening to the plans of how to cut the spending in Washington, D.C., and get the tax burden off the business creators and let regular Americans keep more of what they work for.”


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