Boehner: Not Getting ‘a Grand’ Bargain, ‘One of the Biggest Disappointments’

‘We were so close’

DICKERSON: "Tell us about your thoughts about President Obama. You worked on that fiscal, that grand bargain. It didn't come through. Reflect on that for a minute."

BOEHNER: "Yes, it's probably one of the biggest disappointments in my speakership. We were so close to having -- we had an agreement. And then two days later, the president walked away from it. It would have saved about $5 trillion over 10 years. It would have been good for our economy. It would have been good for the country. It would have been good for our kids and our grandkids. But it's Washington. Things happen. And we move on. I had a nice conversation with President Obama on Friday morning, nice conversation with one of my dear friends George W. Bush, and all my legislative colleagues, the leaders."


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