Trump: ‘I Don’t Get Involved’ in Obama’s Faith

‘It’s a very strong statement’

CAMEROTA: “Let's talk about Governor Huckabee, because Governor Huckabee has also talked about the Pope's visit and what he found, most disturbing to him, was that there were people who may not be aligned with the Catholic Church's values who were invited to see the Pope in Washington, D.C. An openly gay Episcopal bishop, transgendered activist, a nun who's an activist. Let me play for you what Governor Mike Huckabee said about questioning President Obama's faith. Listen.”
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HUCKABEE: “I'm also concerned about a guy that believes he's a Christian and pretends to be and then says he is, but then does things that makes it very difficult for people to practice their Christian faith. I'm disappointed if a person says, "I'm a Christian," but you invite the Pope into your home, and then you invite a whole bunch of people who are at odds with the Catholic Church -- church policy.” 
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CAMEROTA: “What do you think about those statements?” 
TRUMP: “Well, you know, I'm very -- I'm doing very well with evangelicals. And I spend a lot of time with evangelicals. And I must tell you, many evangelicals feel the way that Mike does. Many, many of them do. They feel that the president has not been good in terms of Christianity. He's stopping religious freedom to a certain extent. I mean, they feel very, very hurt by the president. Maybe that's the best word -- and disappointed by the president, having to do with Christianity. And, you know, Mike is expressing himself. And I see that when I'm out on the trail and I meet with evangelicals. I'm leading every poll, every single poll in Iowa, everywhere, with the evangelicals. So I understand what's going on, and they feel very disappointed by the president. So what Mike is saying is not that surprising for me to hear. It's a very severe statement, too. It's a very strong statement.”
CAMEROTA: “It is.” 
TRUMP: “But in dealing and in making speeches to thousands of evangelicals and taking questions -- they're very hurt by the president, there's no question about it.” 
CAMEROTA: “But do you agree that President Obama is pretending to be a Christian?” 
TRUMP: “I don't get involved in people's faith, Alisyn. It's not for me to discuss his faith. That's for him to discuss. I don't get involved in his faith.”

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