Coburn: Gov’t Is Wasting Money on Romance Novels, 3-D Pizzas, and Zombies

‘ ... a green ninja superhero for $390,000 to teach kids about global warming ... ‘

COBURN: "That's the government saying we need to explore the fascinating history of why people write romance novels and why they put them on TV. That’s an important thing. And in some people's mind, it may be. But when you're running a $700 billion deficit, is it really something we ought to be spending money on?”
DOOCY: "Probably ought to run a red pencil through that. Plus, you look at NASA waste; they spent $125,000 to create a 3-D pizza, they did $360,000 on a bed rest study, How Congress Works seminars, $3 million, and created a green ninja superhero for $390,000 to teach kids about global warming. We must be loaded to be able to spend so much money on so much crap.”
COBURN: “Well, it's interesting; NASA's budget is one of the ones that's taken some of the severest hits in the past couple of years. Rightly so because of the lack of competency down there and the wasted money. But this is just an example of showing that they haven't figured out what the priority is for NASA. NASA is National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in other words NASA's about exploration, and it's not about all the garbage we see here.”

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