Christie: My Presidency ‘Won’t Be About Me, It Will Be About You’

‘My presidency — our presidency will be about … enforcing the laws, leveling the playing field, and rewarding those folks who play by the rules’

 “I turned 18 in 1980, and my first vote was for Ronald Reagan. Boy, am I glad I did it. And I think the country is, too. A Christie presidency won't be about me. It will be about you. Tonight, you sit at home in your living room, frustrated that you play by the rules, you pay the taxes, you do the hard things to raise your family, yet you feel like America's generosity is being taken advantage of. That you've been -- system is being gamed, and that you're turning out to fall further and further behind. Our presidency -- our presidency -- will be about ending that, about enforcing the law, level the playing field for everybody, and once again reward those folks who play by the rules, and think that justice means more than just the word. But it means a way of life. And I will tell you this, around the world, I will not shake hands with, I will not meet with, and I will not agree to anything with a country that says death to us and death to Israel and holds our hostages while we sign agreements with them. It will be an America that be strong and resolute, and will once again be able to stick out its chest and say, ‘we truly are the greatest nation in the world, because we live our lives that way, each and every day.’”

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