McCain: U.S. ‘Needs to Establish No-Fly Zone’ over Syria

‘We need to tell Bashar Al Assad we are going to shoot down any of his aircraft that bomb these people’


MITCHELL: “Arizona Republican Senator John McCain joins me now. You're a father. You have got a very large family. You can relate to what this man is trying to express. The children are just heartbreaking.”

MCCAIN: “Well, it is heartbreaking, Andrea. It's doubly heartbreaking because it didn't have to happen. It happened because of the failed policy -- policies of Barack Obama; our failure to stop Bashar [Al] Assad's slaughter of his own people now over 230,000. We need to establish a no-fly zone. We need to tell Bashar [Al] Assad we are going to shoot down any of his aircraft that barrel bomb these people. I would imagine that tens of thousands have been killed by the barrel bombing which has made conditions impossible for these people and that's why they're fleeing. It's an abdication of American responsibility which has caused this tragedy and it is on the hands of Barack Obama."

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