CNN’s John King: New Poll Numbers Are ‘Bad News’ for the Clinton Campaign

‘For the Clinton campaign, these national numbers — that’s a sign of trouble, that’s a warning sign’

COOPER: “A lot to talk about starting on the democratic side where those new CNN/ORC poll numbers have just come out and chief national correspondent John King has them. So let's look at Democratic candidates, where do they stand?”
KING: “Anderson, let me just bring up the numbers because the numbers don't lie and this is bad news, the bad night for the Clinton campaign. Nationally right now, she still leads at 37 percent, you see Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at 27 percent. The vice president at 20 percent, Martin O'Malley, the former Maryland governor at 3. But remember this 37 percent now is where Hillary Clinton is, let's fill in the blanks. Now we talked the last hour about how Donald Trump is a growth stock. Look at this, Hillary Clinton was at 58 percent just a couple months ago, she's lost nearly 20 points. Bernie Sanders a steady climb, he's plateau at about 27 there. The vice president up a little bit right there. So if you're in the Clinton campaign, these national numbers that's a sign of trouble. That's a warning sign. Sanders again is on the rise at the moment and Joe Biden, not so bad. If you look at Hillary Clinton support, here's a problem for her, only 31 percent of Democratic men support Hillary Clinton. The gender gap is playing to her advantage for support, 41 percent of Democratic women support Secretary Clinton, very interesting divided in the democratic race right now. Among those who describe themselves as liberals, only 23 percent support Hillary Clinton. She gets nearly half of Democrats who say ‘I'm a moderate.’ Now watch the flipside here, if you look at Bernie Sanders support, he gets nearly half of those who say they're liberals and only 15 percent of those who say they are moderates. So you have an interesting philosophical debate within the Democratic Party now, Anderson as this all plays out.”

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