Trump: Ben Carson Just ‘an OK Doctor,’ ‘Makes Jeb Look Like the Energizer Bunny’

‘I only bring it up because I saw him hitting me yesterday; he’s questioning my faith’

TRUMP: “But Ben Carson, you're talking about his faith -- excuse me, Chris -- go back and look at his past. Go back and look at his views on abortion and see where he stands. You talk about abortion. I mean, go back and look at his views on abortion. Now all of a sudden he gets on very low key, I mean, frankly he looks like -- he makes Bush look like the Energizer Bunny. He's very low key. He's got –“ 
CUOMO: “Strong words.”

TRUMP: “-- a lot of people pushing him. But Ben Carson, you look at his faith and I think you're not going to find so much. And you look at his views on abortion, which were horrendous. And that's, I think, why I'm leading with all of the evangelicals. I'm, as you know in your poll, number one, I'm leading Ben Carson by a lot. You know, you said, Ben Carson is surging. Well, I'm almost double his numbers. So you know –“ 
CUOMO: “Absolutely. But I'm saying he came out of nowhere is all I'm saying. He's not a big celebrity. You know, people didn't know about him. He doesn't get anywhere near the attention that you get.”
TRUMP: “Well, I only bring this up, Chris - Hey, Chris - I only bring it up because I saw him hitting me yesterday. He's questioning my faith. I happen to be a great believer in God, a great believer in the Bible.”
CUOMO: “He is definitely questioning your faith.”
TRUMP: “Hey, Chris, who is he to question my faith when I am -- he doesn't even know me. I've met him a few times. But I don't know Ben Carson. He was a doctor, perhaps an OK doctor. By the way, you can check that out, too. They're not talking about a -- he was an OK doctor.”
CUOMO: “I don't know about OK doctor. You know, he was the first man to separate conjoined twins.”
TRUMP: “And now because he's a doctor and he hired one nurse, he's going to end up being the President of the United States? But for him to criticize me on my faith is absolutely -- for him to read from the Bible in his memory, it looked like he memorized it about 2 minutes before he went on stage.”
CUOMO: “Do you think you're more a man of faith than he is?”
TRUMP: “Ben Carson is not going to be your next president that I can tell you.”
CUOMO: “Do you think you're more a man of faith than Ben Carson is?”
TRUMP: “I would say -- I can't quote him. I can only say I am a man of faith.” 

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