Joe on Clinton: If You Drop 10 Points in 1 Month, ‘There Is Something Seriously Wrong’

‘If you are any candidate in America, running for any race in America, and you were at 52 percent last month, and you’re at 42 percent this month, there’s something terribly wrong’

“I did see though last night a poll on ‘Hardball’ where she's lost 10 percentage points in head to head, she’s gone from like 52 to 42 inside the Democratic Party, as well. But her favorabilities are still high, and she's still, I think, is odds-on favorite to not only win the Democratic nomination, but given the state of the Republican Party right now, yeah, that's what I saw last night, winning it all. But here's Hillary. If you're any candidate in America running for any race in America and you were at 52 percent last month and you're at 42 percent this month, there is something terribly wrong. And there is something about that 40 level. Hillary does not want to drop anymore; does not want to get into the 30s. Because then, that is when the Al Gore’s of the world and the John Kerry’s of the world and the Joe Biden’s of the world start thinking, she's in the 30s, it's time to move.” 

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