CNN: Huckabee Expected To Hold a Rally in Support of Kim Davis

‘Her attorney confirmed with CNN that Mike Huckabee called Kim Davis on her cell phone’

KING: “This morning, lawyers for defiant Kentucky court clerk are stepping up efforts to free her from jail. Attorneys for Kim Davis yesterday, filed an emergency motion in federal court. She has refused to obey the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage. Jericka Duncan is outside the Carter County detention center where the clerk supporters will rally today. Jericka, good morning.”

DUNCAN: “Good morning to you. You can see behind me that a small stage has been set for what could be one of the biggest gatherings yet for Kim Davis. Among her supporters, Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee plans to be here today.”

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UNKNOWN FEMALE: “We are going to pray until the doors open. We are going to pray until she’s released.”

DUNCAN (voice-over): “Outside the Carter County detention center supporters of Kim Davis are hoping their prayers are soon answer.”

MCCLURG: “We feel that she is standing for the truth because if they come against her as for her religious beliefs, then the next thing, they will be hitting the churches.

DUNCAN (voice-over): “In an emergency injunction filed Monday, attorneys called Davis' incarceration ‘an assault upon her individual liberty and dignity’ and asked the court to exempt her ‘from authorizing marriage licenses pending final resolution of the appeal.’

MIHET: "That solution is for the court or the state of Kentucky to remove Kim Davis' name off the marriage licenses.”

DUNCAN (voice-over): “Harry Mihet is one of Davis’s lawyers.”

MIHET: “She simply does not want to participate herself personally in an enterprise that violates the deepest cores of her conscience.”

DUNCAN (voice-over): “Why not just step down and say ‘you know what, I don’t even want to be embolden this?’”

MIHET: “She has to take a stand for not only her rights ,but for the rights of many others who may feel the same way but who may not have the same courage that she does.”

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