Huckabee on Kim Davis Being Denied Bail: Even the Boston Strangler & Jeffrey Dahmer Got Bail

‘if we’re going to be this strict about it, I want to know, will Gavin Newsom be arrested, the California lieutenant governor of California?’


TAPPER: "So, in other words, I know that you're a supporter of the loving versus Virginia decision in 1967, which outlawed all bans on interracial marriages, I'm not questioning your position on that, but in your view, after that ban -- after all the bans were struck down by the supreme court, even though there might have been mormons or adherence to BOB Jones, who at the time thought of blacks as inferior as taught by their religion, you would have said that the states still have to step in and make laws, it's not enough for the courts who have ruled? And if there were, Mormon or BOB Jones athereneds, you would have said they have the legal right --"
HUCKABEE: "It's not the same case. That was an interpretation of marriage, but it was still man/woman. This is a completely new, total redefinition of marriage, Jake. What's important is we have a county clerk not accommodated for her faith, but was jailed without bail. For gosh's wake, John Wayne Casey, the Boston strangler, they got bail, so did Jeffrey Dahmer. This is a county clerk not given any accommodation. Secondly if we're going to be this strict about it, I want to know, will Gavin Newsom be arrested, the California lieutenant governor of California. He performed same-sex marriages, even though it was blazantly illegal in his state. You have multiple examples of people who said Barack Obama said 23 times said he couldn't enact a dream act, but then turned around and did it. My question is, why is there a double standard, two sets of rules, one for politicians on the left, and another set of rules that is applied to a county clerk in Kentucky, who by the way is a Democrat."

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