Ignatius: Trump ‘Should Run the Campaign on the Radio or Phone’ As He Sounds Much Calmer

‘We heard, you know, the nicest, calmest version of Donald Trump I ever heard this morning’


SCARBOROUGH: “That story that we were telling about Donald, there are -- I remember Mike Barnicle is talking to the guy that runs major league and MLB and asked him what he thought about Donald Trump. And he said he's the nicest guy I've ever met. Barnicle fell out of his chair. He said, no, the guy you see on TV said there are thousands of stories, like the one I told, of that. He is a much more complicated character than the guy who sits in board rooms and says you're fired. And David, you really touched on something with the Iran question. That is an answer that no other Republican running would say.”

IGNATIUS: “It's a fact. We heard, you know, the nicest, calmest version of Donald Trump I ever heard this morning. Maybe the guy should run the campaign on the radio or phone. But I thought he was restrained. Sometimes he goes to attack and counterpunches. We were hearing somebody different. There are tough questions that he's going to have to answer. When he's asked about the details of his programs on many areas, what you get is a kind of sputter, you know, I watch TV and I've seen this one and that one. You don't get clear answers yet.”

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