Tucker Calls Jim Acosta ‘The Dumbest Anchor in the United States’

‘Andrew Yang spoke to us on Fox Nation’


CARLSON: "The beauty of Fox Nation is that it can’t be censored, there are no advertisers, the tech monopolies have no control whatsoever, Google, Facebook, Twitter. They’re not involved. You can say exactly what you think is true on Fox Nation. And that fact, the fact there’s no leash to control us, drives the rest of corporate media insane. It's probably why CNN’s Jim Acosta, reportedly the dumbest anchor in the United States, confronted Andrew Yang recently. Andrew Yang spoke to us on Fox Nation and according to Jim Acosta, that’s not allowed. So here’s the interview with Andrew Yang that drove Jim Acosta so crazy."

[Clip starts]

CARLSON: "There are so many barriers to starting a viable third party. It hasn't been done. Why can you do it?"

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