Dr. Siegel: Biden’s Removed Polyp Isn’t Concerning

‘But the chances of it turning cancerous is about 3% to 5% in most cases’


SIEGEL: "I’m not concerned about this but it’s a wake-up call for everybody over the age of 45 in America to be considered for a colonoscopy. You know, 30-50 percent of Americans over 50 have these polyps, twice that if you’re over 70, and he’s had one before. Mike, 4-5 percent of these tubular adenomas, 4-5 percent, turn cancerous, but it means he has to have a follow-up colonoscopy. His doctor is saying ten years, our doctors would say more like five years, three to five years, just to be sure, you know? But the chances of it turning cancerous is about three to five percent in most cases."

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