Dr. Siegel: Everyone over 18 Should Take a Booster

‘The rest of the world has to get vaccinated’


SIEGEL: "We have enough vaccine in this country for everybody to get one right now over the age of 18, which is what I said in my Wall Street Journal op-ed. I think everyone should get them, but I do have an eye on places like South Africa where I just mentioned only 20 percent of people are vaccinated and we’ve got to get enough vaccine to everybody in the world. We are 3 billion people in the world that haven’t been vaccinated yet, we need to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time, Mike. The rest of the world has to get vaccinated. We do need boosters here. Evidence is emerging that shows these vaccines are waning and the boosters bring you back to where you need to be, so everyone over 18, booster."

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