Dr. Siegel: South Africa Variant Looks Like its Highly Contagious

‘That is what concerns me’


SIEGEL: "You know, I’ve said before, Mike, I’m not always concerned about these variants of concern, but these — this one, B11529, does concern me. I’ll tell you why. It’s got 32 mutations in the spike protein, which is how the virus spreads, and in the province around Johannesburg, there’s about 2,500 new cases over the past day and they think, not proven yet, that this is the predominant variant. In other words, Delta on the wane, and this one increasing. It looks like it’s highly contagious. And that is what concerns me, because the other variants that have emerged haven’t had a chance against Delta because Delta is so contagious. The other issue is will the vaccine protect against this variant? Will the treatments protect against this variant? We're keeping a really close eye on this one."

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